03 November 2013

October 2013

October has been a wild month!  So many things have happened starting with Cory having back surgery on October 1st.  He had been in pain about 7 years ago when we first moved to Hawaii.  He ended up going to a chiropractor and the pain went away.  Well about 2 1/2 months ago Cory suddenly started having back pain.  it went quickly from back pain to super severe debilitating back pain.  He was seeing a Chiropractor again but it just wasn't helping.  The pain just kept getting worse and worse until he couldn't do anything. 

Getting ready for the big surgery

We ended up going to our family Doctor and he had an MRI.  The results showed that Cory had a ruptured disk in his back.  He got referred to a Neurologist and pretty much his only option was a surgery.  Basically if the disk in his back would have been a jelly doughnut, it was like someone squished it.  Some of the disk guts came out and were hanging out in his spinal column and pinching off a nerve to his leg.  This was what was causing him the most pain.  It was also causing him to lose muscle and to have numbness.  Big trouble!  The Neurologist told him that a disk is a lot like a marshmallow but over time the marshmallow turns into crab meat.  The crab meat is what was hanging out in his spinal column.

Awesome hospital gown and surgery gear

So, October 1st he had a surgery and he is not able to bend, twist, or lift.  He can't even hold Kelsey!  In fact to Doctor had his nurse call Cory the day after surgery to remind him that he can't lift more than ten pounds.  It has been hard but luckily Cory is feeling much better now.  He goes back to the Doctor on Thursday and we are hoping that he will be cleared to go back to work and hold his baby again.  Here's hoping!

Phoebe turned 3 on October 10th which blows my mind!  We had a fun little Birthday party for her and she was really excited to be a "big" girl.

Balloon Cupcakes

Bead spider craft

Wicked scary!

Cute cat masks the kids decorated
Pin the Wart on the Witch

It was really windy and the candles wouldn't stay lit...so we just had her pretend to blow them out.


The kids enjoying their candy after the lolly toss.

Happy Halloween!  My kids are growing up so quickly!  We carved pumpkins which is such a fun activity with kids.  I mostly had to pull the guts out...but the kids sure tried.  Zoe was so excited to draw a cat and I got to carve it out!

I purchased Zoe and Phoebe's costumes a few months before Halloween at a great discount.  I REALLY had to convince Zoe to dress up as I wanted her to.  But in the end she loved it. 

Brobee!  From Yo Gabba Gabba.

Little Mouse with Grandpa Larry


The kids looked so cute this year and really had fun Trick-or-treating.  Cory took the kids out and I stayed home to make doughnuts and hand out candy.  It has kind of turned into our tradition. 

November 1st we had  a Ward Trunk-or-Treat and a fun chili cook off.  I made my delicious Pumpkin Chili but I didn't win a prize.  Shoot!

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Caleb said...

What a fun month you had! I love the pumpkins and the costumes and happy phoebe, sorry for Cory, but at least he should start feeling better soon right?